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1. Where does all those information come from?

We collect TV show information from TVRage, Movie information from TMDB,
Sports information from SeatGeek and Music information from SongKick.
We filtered the information from those sites,
such like we only use music and sports events with defined time and thumbnails.
2. What are those pictures on Daily page?

Those are events happening on that date.
You don’t have any plan? Check them out!

3. How can I set to get event information around me?

Please turn on your Location Service on iPhone.

4. How far music/Sports information can we get?

If you turn on the Location Service on iPhone, appoi will tell you events in 140 miles around.


5. What is the numbers in red and blue circles?
Red: Events from appoi
Blue: Events from Google Calendar

6. Where does my movies added to schedule go?
Since, movies can’t be added to specific date,
they are added to “Movie” which you can find on Calendar tab on the right.

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