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We all use calendars for work.
Writing down tasks, meetings, deadlines….

But how about entertainment!?
Do you know when is your favorite band coming to town?
Do you know when is the rerun of the last Gossip Girl episode you missed?

What is “appoi”?
With “appoi”, any future event related to your Likes on Facebook will show on a calendar. It pulls together all your Likes on your profile. It’s done automatically, so there’s no work for you.

With “appoi”
1. Stop missing fun.
-Know beforehand when interesting events are taking place.
2. Send invitations to your friends and have fun together.
-See who else is interested. Find out who has a similar calendars as you.
3. Sync with your Google Calendar
-Sync with your business schedule and your entertainment to manage your life!

© appoi, Inc.